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Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®


Reconnective Healing® began in 1993 when Dr Eric Pearl, a chiropractor and now an internationally recognised healer, noticed his patients were being healed from various afflictions. He has since done a lot of research and now made it his mission to impart the light and information of the Reconnective Healing® process to the world. 


What is Reconnective Healing®?

This is a “hands off” treatment which utilises the healing energies of the universe to facilitate the healing of your mind, body and spirit.  You are fully clothed during the session which usually lasts approximately 45 minutes and between 1-3 sessions are recommended.  The healings come in many forms and are not always what you may expect.  The universe will give you what you require to renew your mind, body and spirit and the healing may even occur after the session has ended as the energies continue to work with you.


What can it do for me?

Every persons experience is unique, however there are many possible benefits such as enhancing the renewal functions of your body.  It also releases blocks or interferences allowing you to move forward and bring balance back into your life.  Many people report seeing light or colours, feeling vibrations and hearing voices.



What is The Reconnection®?

The Reconnection® involves reactivating your body’s meridian/acupuncture lines to the grid/energy lines that encircle the earth.  This is designed to raise the frequencies of your body and connect you at a new level to the entire universe.  This is conducted over 2 sessions, each approximately 1- 1.5 hours in duration.  Again this is fully clothed and “hands off”.  It is recommended you have at least one Reconnective Healing® prior to having The Reconnection®.


What can it do for me?

The Reconnection® is concerned with the evolution of our mind body and spirit.  It activates a new level of connection to the universe, which also allows us to use the unique vibratory levels and frequencies of the universe to heal ourselves and others and ultimately assist in our evolution.